CCCC minutes, 2007 08 28

Meeting Minutes from the Columbia City Neighborhood Meeting
Held: August 28, 2007 at the Columbia City Library

At the meeting, we developed the following three lists of ideas.

1. What do neighborhood groups do?

  • Speak independently of (the City) and for residents
  • Forum for Community Building (e.g. past efforts kicked-off Beatwalk and the Farmers Market)
  • A way for people to come together and problem solve
  • Stewards of Neighborhood Plans ( We have a Columbia City, Hillman City Plan)
  • Fun, Food, Community & Relationship Building
  • Represent the Neighborhood's diversity
  • Watchdogs for Public and Private activities
  • A way to get opinions heard
  • A way to keep informed and exchange ideas
  • Look at Micro-issues
  • Put out a newsletter/ do community outreach

2. What issues would people like to address?

  • SUNI's Pomegranate Center Project
  • Traffic: speeding (maybe speed bumps would help)
  • Off leash dogs & dog poop
  • Safety
  • Changes to zoning (e.g. possible upzoning to multi-family)
  • Parking
  • Review Neighborhood Plan
  • Invest in Quality Schools to make sure our neighborhoods schools are great
  • Disaster Preparations
  • A trolley/bus to circulate around the Light Rail Station, Columbia City and other nearby neighborhoods
  • Bus Service
  • Get sidewalks
  • Columbia School site future plans
  • Bike Master Plan
  • More Block Parties
  • Better Lighting
  • Neighborhood cleanup (more than once a year)
  • Having speakers
  • Coming up with a specific issue/activity that motivates

3. How can we better outreach and communicate with our neighbors?

  • On paper (a neighborhood newsletter)
  • We do have a neighborhood website that is just getting going. It allows people to add to it. It is at
  • phone trees
  • yahoo groups
  • personal contacts
  • flyers
  • getting expertise from other groups for suggestions
  • newspapers

Below you will find a link to vote for upcoming meeting times. As soon as we have survey results for meeting times we’ll propose next steps & announce the next meeting.

To help us select the best meeting day and time, Liz has put together the following website where you can vote your preference:

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