CCCC agenda, 2007 10 15

Columbia City Neighborhood Meeting

October 15, 2007 at 6:00 PM

at the Columbia City Library

I. Introductions and Goals (5 mins.)

II. Community Building (20 mins.)

Brainstorm possible winter activities with the goal of bringing the community together for fun, food, and laughter. Possible activities include a Halloween costume contest and participation in the annual Christmas tree lighting.

III. Community Affairs (20 mins.)

Develop a fall and winter schedule of discussion topics. Topics may include a crime and safety, converting Rainier Avenue into a “Complete Street,” the City’s proposed zoning changes, and Harbor Properties’ community workshop for St. Gobain site.

IV. Outreach (40 mins.)

Discuss ways of better connecting all of the residents of Columbia City. Efforts may include new electronic technologies (Yahoo Group and Wiki), as well as flyers, newsletters, door knocking and other personal contacts. Encourage neighbors to sign-up for future mailings and information. Outreach will be aimed at promoting a fall and winter discussion series and a winter community buiding activity.

V. Other Community News and Announcements (5 mins.)

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