CCCC agenda, 2007 10 29

October 29 from 6:00 to 7:30 at the Columbia City Library

This will be our third Columbia City neighborhood meeting and everybody is encouraged to attend. We didn't get through our agenda on Oct. 15, so we'll pick up where we left off.

Proposed Agenda

1. Creating a New Organization

Should we establish a new organization that will promote community education, provide a forum for discussion, speak on behalf of residents, help neighbors connect, and organize activities to solve problems?

2. Developing a Winter Agenda

Prioritize the list of community affairs and community building activities that we came up with on Oct. 15. Check out the Oct. 15 minutes for a complete list of the activities we brainstormed.

3. Outreaching to Our Neighbors

How can we better connect all of the residents of Columbia City? How can new and old technologies be used?

We are in our early stages as a community group and are learning as we go. At our next meeting we'll set some basic ground rules and have a good time keeper to help keep us moving through the agenda. It would also be helpful if people would bring specific resources to share, such as letters they've written, names and email addresses of people we should contact, and specific weblinks and policies that will help us all understand some of the city processes that our going on around us.

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