Night Out: Ferdinand, between 35th & MLK

Greetings, neighbors!

Please join us for the

Tuesday, August 4
Starting at 6 pm

In front of 3245 S. Ferdinand Street (Jim & Amy’s house)

Come late if you can’t come at 6 pm. Please come out even if you can’t bring food to share. Bring all your family members, and please invite any other neighbors who may not have seen this flyer.
Everyone is welcome.

This is a friendly neighborhood POTLUCK DINNER. Bring a salad, appetizer, side dish, or dessert if you desire. PLEASE COME EAT WITH US even if you cannot bring food to share. Jim & Amy will kindly provide hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone. If you want to bring something else to throw on their grill you are welcome to do so.

We will have a PINATA for the kids at around 6:30 pm. Please bring GAMES, sidewalk chalk, bikes, trikes & wagons, and any other activities to share.

LET’S RELAX — Bring FOLDING CHAIRS if you have some!

The City of Seattle plans this special night for us to focus on our neighbors … please come out and meet everybody, enjoy some FUN & companionship! If you’re in the mood, we can talk about serious neighborhood stuff like crime prevention, disaster preparedness, etc.

Neighbors PLEASE NOTE:
Ferdinand Street will be BLOCKED OFF between 35th Avenue S. and MLK for the evening!! It is so fun for the kids to ride their bikes and play together in the street for this special night.

If you live on this block: When you arrive home on Tuesday, please consider parking your car in the alley or around the corner so you don’t have to drive through the party.


If you want to help out …

  • Setting up can start around 5:30 or so. It involves closing down the street and arranging tables, grills & trash cans. It might involve a friendly reminder to neighbors to move their cars around the corner.
  • Cleaning up involves returning tables to their owners, reopening the street, and picking up any remains of the party.

There are nearby Night Out parties to choose from. You can attend any or all of them!
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