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This page focuses on ways to bring even more people to Columbia City's historic downtown core, making its pedestrian scene even more lively and interesting.


revitalization story

Dave Brockman's take on the Columbia City Revitalization Story
(Jim Diers' book, excerpt here)

image in the blogosphere

Child-friendly Columbia City
Columbia City: small town in Seattle
Columbia City's finest

bottom-up boosterism

  • 10 days before beatwalk, encourage people to invite their friends and coworkers. Provide text, easily pasted into anyone's inweb bulletin board.
  • round up all the online referral sites
    • Angie's List,
    • Yelp,
    • local food blogs,
    • WikiTravel.
  • Target websites:
  • "EatWalk", an online directory of CC takeout menus.
  • Post two-fers in the wikli. Free movie with a meal. Free appetizer after a movie.
  • Promote car(e)free shopping.
  • Waste-free holiday gifts — gift certificates to restaurants, cinema, SEED Arts events, BeatWalk tickets, gym.
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