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  • John Daniels Is an amazing agent with 30 years of residence in the neighborhood and at least as many in Real Estate. He exceeded our expectations and provided an amazing level of service. He is the most knowledgeable person you can find in both real estate and construction. This is an important distinction, particularly when it comes to the older homes of our area. He is patient and will never push you into a decision. We are very picky and it took us a long time to find the house we wanted. John stuck with us every step of the way and never was unavailable or uninterested in our wants. Call him at 206-679-0382 or visit his site:
  • Serena Heslop says she is a 'Special Agent' and she really is. She knows this area inside out and helped me buy two houses in this area, plus several of my friends. She has lived in Columbia City for 17 years and has been a Windermere agent for 10 years. She is very involved in the community and was the coordinator of BeatWalk for several years. She is fun to work with, very knowledgable and not at all pushy. Check out her website, it's really cool: — Mary Travers (I don't really want to make my number public sorry, but call Serena at 999-8159 and she can ask me to call you, if you want a reference).
  • Heather Morford was great when we needed to find a home in the Columbia City area. Now we are also using her to sell our home, five years later. We haven't found a more experienced and reputable agent for the Columbia City area. Office: 720.7603
  • Michael Rodriguez with Windermere did a fantastic job for us in buying our new home, and we recommend him without reservation. He was a strong advocate for our needs, and always put customer service as his top priority — even showing up at our place at 11:30pm to make sure that we were able to sign papers in time to get the house we wanted. We'd happily work with Michael again, and would recommend him to anyone. He lives in the neighborhood, too! Here is his info: (206) 852-2049, moc.eremredniw|rjm#moc.eremredniw|rjm
  • I wholeheartedly recommend Georgia Selfridge. She helped my husband and me buy two houses in Columbia City in the last eight years. Both of them were fixers and rather complicated transactions. She was an excellent negotiator and worked her tail off for us, even though these had to have been some of her lowest commisions in those years! Since we first worked with her, we have referred her to probably a dozen friends and colleagues. All of them have spoken glowingly of her. Those who have sold/bought a second time have chosen to work with her for those transactions. She works out of the Windermere Ballard office. Here's her web site. Tell her Angie and Rick in Columbia City sent you!

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