Fruit Harvesting Underway!

Last night was a very big night (and a beautiful one.) Altogether, we picked 405 pounds of fruit in two hours. Amazing.
This is the breakdown:

Lynn's pears - 110 lbs (will sit in my cool garage until they ripen a bit)
Laurie's red/purple plums - 180 lbs Will go to St Cloud's homeless meals project, the Beacon Ave Food Bank and FareStart
The Daniels' yellow plums - 115 lbs Will go to Beacon Ave Food Bank, FareStart, 1st Covenant Church Women's Shelter, Cherry Street Food Bank

I heard that Lynn's tea and pita/hummus snacks were terrific (we'll come back anytime) and that my husband almost crashed and burned on Laurie's tree, reaching for the biggest plums he'd ever seen. It was a gorgeous night, I hope everyone had fun, it's so satisfying to see all that fruit sitting in boxes ready to feed people. Thanks all of you!

Interested in getting involved? Contact Gail Savina at moc.liamg|anivasliag#moc.liamg|anivasliag or 818-5684. This was a collaboration between Solid Ground (, City Fruit ( and Sustainable South Seattle. Thanks for your interest!

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