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Seattle Climate Action Now
Special Announcement for climate action supporters!

Are you ready to take your passion for environmental action to the next level? We are looking for community leaders to help Seattle continue to lead in the field of sustainability — and we have a great opportunity for you!

We are currently recruiting for our next class of Carbon Coaches. This is a FREE training program where you will learn about reducing carbon emissions from transportation, waste generation, home energy use, and materials purchasing as well as how to teach those lessons to others. Download an application. Deadline to apply is Friday, March 12.

The course objectives are the following:

* Educate Carbon Coaches on the fundamentals of climate change science.
* Increase understanding of local impacts of climate change and potential actions related to energy-use, transportation, solid waste, green purchasing, and citizen action.
* Secure commitments to change behaviors related to mitigation or adaptation to climate change.
* Increase awareness of climate change and social justice and the value of public engagement.

Course Format
Class instruction will be delivered by the course trainers and by guest presenters. Class materials and resources will be provided electronically. A combination of lectures, group activities, in-class exercises, optional "homework" assignments, video clips, and reading assignments will reinforce concepts presented in class.

Course Participation: Full participation in all six sessions and one Saturday field trip. In-class activities as well as homework are expected of all trainees.
Community Outreach: Carbon Coaches are expected to conduct outreach projects in their community and as well as work with individuals to conduct a carbon footprint analysis using the City of Seattle's Carbon Calculator.

For more information, contact vog.elttaes|nacelttaes#vog.elttaes|nacelttaes.

Seattle Climate Action Now

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