Veterinary Services


I wanted to make sure everyone knew of a great new-ish addition to our neighborhood… the Holistic Animal Clinic at 5303 Rainier Ave S ( Dr. Seplow does veterinary acupuncture and herbal therapies, and i have to say that i think she's something of a genius. My dog began seeing her for acupuncture after being diagnosed with a couple of herniated discs, and he is doing really, really well under her care. She's also treated him for his eyes (which were starting to cloud over, but which completely cleared after two weeks on one of her herbal remedies), his ears (an infection which was affecting his hearing, but which cleared in one day with herbs and acupuncture), a bout of gastrointestinal distress (which went on for three weeks until i dragged him in to see her, and was better within 48 hours of starting an herbal treatment) and incontinence (which cleared up within 24 hours of starting an herbal treatment). Plus, her rates are very affordable. Give her a call at 206 723 3809 — she's made a total believer out of me!

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