Our Blogossiphere is a section of the Wikli. It helps you keep your ear to the ground by pulling titles and images from recent blog posts about the neighborhood. If something piques your interest, you can follow the link to its source.

Neighborhood gossip deserves better respect. It's often the best way to figure out what's happening around us. It's a medium that's broad-based, accessible, and bottom-up. It happens in the street, over the garden fence, and sure — in the blogosphere.

The Blogossiphere draws from a feed, which pulls relevant posts from other sites. It's a simple and dynamic way to keep track of the latest buzz about Columbia City, but it just doesn't work like a wiki. So if you've come across (or written!) a neighborhood post that you'd like to share, the best is to post about it in our discussion board. Of course, you can also post items directly to the Wikli.

Occasionally the Blogossiphere "times out" — the feed stalls before our site can read its contents. If that happens, you should be able to fix it by refreshing your browser.

Columbia City in the blogossiphere

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Columbia Citizens' discussion

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