take heed
Thanks Tom Carmony

There's a lot to pay attention to out there, and it ain't all sweet-smelling roses. Well… some of it is.

In the Blogossiphere, we get to savor our Sundays with Marination Mobile, It was Too Beautiful To Live at the Theater, and the Bakery gets another rave review.

This week Citizen conversation converged on Columbia Park:

  • How d'ya like the new farmers market location? Number one benefit… it's next to the park.
  • Number two, this on our xxxxlist — an outcry over outdoor ordure, or poop in the park. Some excoriated the execrable excrement, others defended defecation, while one waxed choleric about cholera. Soon Slog and scatological Seattle bore down on the matter. I was the party pooper.
  • After the World Cup final, Columbia City kids threw caution to the wind and instead worked on perfecting their 50' slide tackles — down a slip & slide through the park.

It's a slippery slope. Watch your step.

There's all that and more. Check it out.

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