Classic Columbia City
thanks Seattle Daily Photo

That was fun. When it comes to celebrating the height of summer, Citizens sure do pull out the stops. Then after the parade has passed & the party's over, the Wikli always feels a little… what? there's more?

  • Yes We Can at the farmers market.
  • The Columbia City Community Chorus makes its joyful noise.
  • Classes for kids are enrolling, in pottery and music.
  • Take a walk through the old neighborhood.
  • Lakewood/Seward Park hears the latest about Combined Sewer Overflows.
  • Spirits are up at the Bourbon.
  • On the calendar this weekend, there's a Dragon Boat Festival.
  • In the blogossiphere,
    • Deputy Mayor Darryl Smith looks forward & backward.
    • There'll be new, more secure bike parking at the light rail station.
    • We have a new sidewalk.
    • Bike Works and the Theater both get more praise.
    • SouthendSeattle goes to town on Columbia City — with the kids.
    • A Citizen recounts the appearance of a Vietnamese jade Buddha… in Spanish.
    • SPLAB brings poets to the neighborhood.
    • Southside Commons shows the next in its film series.
  • In our discussion board,
    • A Citizen suggests co-working space.
    • Another shares concerns about noise and off-leash dogs in Columbia Park.
    • Where are the best blackberries?
    • The City offers free trees.
    • A bike disappears from the light rail station.
    • There's a cleanup planned for Mead and Juneau in Hillman City.
  • And there are new Citizen images, including a few of the Rainier Valley Heritage Parade. Share yours!

There's all that and more. Check it out.

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