cease and desist
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'Tis the season … to cease 'n' desist. Yesterday we heard the latest news in the Cinema's ongoing travails — sounds pretty bleak, but Paul and friends keep fighting for that happy ending. As we head into our darkest season, this Wikli offers a bunch of ways to raise your spirits and a glass, and to jump-start your holidays.

  • The State has ordered the Cinema to cease and desist with its planned sale of stock.
  • Columbia Citizens lend their voices in a concert at Southside Commons the Columbia City Church of Hope.
  • 288 188 apartments are coming to the neighborhood, and you get a chance to help the new buildings fit in.
  • Wine will flow at a few neighborhood business events — at La Medusa, the Chamber's auction, and Salon Adidez.
  • Paula is holding a soap sale.
  • Writers and constructive editors untie! — at this week's SPLAB.
  • Will we celebrate the solstice this year? ...with your help.
  • In the calendar,
    • Councilmember Tom Rasmussen hosts a community forum.
    • Our Democrats meet at the cultural center.
    • There's a public meeting about sewer overflows to the south of us.
  • Our blogossiphere is chock full o' news:
    • KOMO has stepped up its neighborhood coverage — a child mauled by dogs, a fundraiser for kids, a new modular home, and more.
    • Comings and goings in the neighborhood food scene, via the RVP.
    • SouthendSeattle has some gems to share — St Dames cafe and more.
    • Seattle Weekly offers its take on Paul Doyle's predicament, and on Geraldine's hangover treatment.
  • Our discussion board has been pretty quiet lately. You're welcome to change that.
    • John has posted about an upcoming concert for JusticeWorks.

There's all that and more. Check it out.

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