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Our Wikli is always what we make of it, and it's become a good space for promoting neighborhood events and activities. It's fun and rewarding to be a part of our shared local scene of hardworking and creative businesses, busy sidewalks, and connected Citizenry. With so much going on, our site could happily keep projecting our local news.

But here's an added invitation. It would be interesting to read more about what you think about Columbia City. What's important to you about this place? Where have we been? Where do you think we're headed? How do we fit together? The discussion is yours to start.

  • We had a few news hits: two promos and a felony arrest. Shelley points to the MSN feature too.
  • The CCBA is looking to hire a program manager.
  • Wendell is about to move his massage practice.
  • Good food, good company, and a good time — all at Rainier Community Kitchen.
  • SPoken word LAB is busy — check out the Nate Mackey reading (in our blogossiphere posts) and their upcoming word orchestra.
  • Joan Engelmeyer kicks off another set of her popular art classes at City Art Farm.
  • St Edwards hosts its multicultural celebration this weekend.
  • In the blogossiphere,
    • Rainier Vista offers classes in sewing and mosaic;
    • Test your financial fitness at the Community Center;
    • blogger shoutouts to Andaluz, the bakery, and Bob's;
    • The RVP features the new hillside stairway connecting to the light rail station;
    • An acclaimed poet reads in Columbia City next week.
  • In Citizen posts,
    • The Cinema announces its next Reel to Real show: the Vagina Monologues;
    • a Cheasty greenbelt work party;
    • missing and found pets;
    • places to live, stuff to wear in Hillman City.

There's all that and more. Check it out.

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