Veni, Vidi, Wiki*
thanks abbey.norris

(* That's Latin for "I came, I saw, I connected.")

  • Start a committed relationship with your neighborhood baker.
  • Thursday is Columbia City's first ArtWalk.
  • Enjoy assorted orbs at today's market: fresh eggs, tomatoes(!), bubbles — and that unusual celestial body.
  • On your way to the market, check out our labyrinth.
  • It's not over yet: the Cinema's last stand-up
  • Mt St Dames blows its top tonight.
  • We could have a World Karaoke Champion at the Theater.
  • Citizens clean this place up.
  • Erik offers jazz camp for girls.
  • SEEDArts invites you to dine out for art.
  • In our blogossiphere:
    • Tutta Bella garners more laurels.
    • Orca's plant sale a success
  • In Citizen posts:
    • Neighbors discuss the Cinema's future.
    • Have you lost your dog?
    • Neighbors offer stuff for sale.
    • At Cheasty they're putting on a trail-building party.
    • Does Columbia City want a flea market?
    • A Citizen needs help with her website.

There's all that and more. Check it out.

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