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Don'tcha just wish…

… everyone had access to fresh, nutritious food?
… we could discuss a way forward for a new Cinema?
… there were instant justice for neighborhood thefts?
… our sidewalks hopped with local vibes?
… we had more and better trails through our natural spaces?

It's not just wishful thinking. It's all in this week's Wikli.

  • Everyone's welcome at today's farmers market.
  • Next week is June's BeatWalk — check out the lineup.
  • The Theater has done some further renovations, and they're lobbying you to stop in.
  • The Southeast District Council is voting on a new member, hearing from SDOT, and more.
  • Jazz up your summer camp choices.
  • SPoken Word LAB combines voices in a Word Orchestra.
  • In our blogossiphere,
    • There are reports from Columbia City's first ArtWalk.
    • Columbia City Church of Hope invites you to a brunch and a trail-building party.
    • Naked City comes to the Theater.
    • The Weekly profiles our State Karaoke champs, crowned right here.
    • A fuel thief starts a truck fire, singes off his facial hair.
  • In Citizen discussion,
    • Bob's Quality Meats might move.
    • Would you like to take part in a community yard sale?
    • A found beagle, and Citizens look to swap pet-sitting.
    • Fionnuala wonders if neighbors want to meet about the Cinema.
    • pick-up soccer at Whitworth - Orca.
    • volunteer opportunities at Rainier Vista
    • babysitting services offered

There's all that and more. Check it out.

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