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Hassled by all this drizzle? Feeling fazed and frazzled? Baffled by all this facile babble? What this Wikli has'll daze and dazzle.

  • Jazz Night School shows its ensembles.
  • Pasqual fiddles at today's market.
  • Young Playwrights get a chance to strut their stuff.
  • SEEDArts hosts a new series: Valley Vibes.
  • The last ArtWalk was a success, and the next one is coming up.
  • Our community chorus supports springing into bed.
  • If you need a parents' night off, the Columbia Lakewood Community Church has a proposition for you.
  • Country Doctor benefits from today's Eat Out Columbia City.
  • Our Freedom Socialists discuss events in North Africa.
  • Take a tour of the world, right in our own backyard.
  • in our blogossiphere
    • Monica loves Island Soul
    • The Columbia City Church of Hope puts on a yoga retreat
    • Discuss pedestrian improvements for S. Orcas St.
    • In Rainier Vista, they're opening an urban farm and holding a neighborhood cleanup.
    • The Seattle Bike Blog basks in Bike Sundays.
  • in Citizen posts,
    • Dance studio looks for a new home in the neighborhood.
    • The Gallery sends out a Rock Paper Scissors challenge.
    • Citizens discuss shared pet-sitting.
    • Learn about the importance of Columbia City's tree canopy
    • More Citizens want to discuss the way forward for a reopened Cinema.
    • free plant starts
    • a free workout at Southside Booty Camp.
    • A Columbia Citizen kicks off a run for City Council.

There's all that and more. Check it out.

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