clear out
thanks James Callan

Sometimes there's nothing better than a cloudless sky. That sun sure is enticing, so this one's a bi-Wikli. We're clearing out next week to bask for awhile.

  • Wednesday's forecast calls for sun, sun, sun — and what better place to enjoy it than at your neighborhood farmers market.
  • Our library celebrates its summer readers.
  • Put BeatWalk on your calendar — last one of the season.
  • With the Theater's lineup you can get goofy, cry in your whiskey, or relive your prom.
  • Nia — it's like chocolate.
  • Hit the road with the Dames
  • Practice weekly meditation in the Soto Zen tradition.
  • Columbia City's Church of Hope invites you to put summer in a bottle.
  • In our blogossiphere,
    • The RVP covers a fire station centennial, last week's parade, and some TFA arrivals at Aki Kurose.
    • A visitor shares impressions of our Summer Streets party.
  • In Citizen posts,
    • various break-ins
    • A Citizen seeks space to store artist Selma Waldman's legacy.
    • another take on Hoang's
    • Rookies will be our new sports bar.
    • housing available, and car wanted

There's all that and more. Check it out.

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