something's burning
Bradbury-themed music this week at CCT

This morning was a nightmare for one Columbia City family. Neighbors on 44th woke up to flames, left the house safely, but now have to figure out what's next. Some details are here — if you'd like to help, we sure would welcome it.

  • They're turning on the heat at the Columbia City Theater.
  • In your child, Joan fuels that creative flame.
  • And wonder of wonders, the Wikli has tinkered its way back to a workable blogossiphere — we'll take the time next week to fill that up again.
  • In Citizen discussion, neighbors post about the new bakery, the Gallery's new show, the Columbia School building, a recommended handyman, and more. Oh, and Allison found your keys.

There's all that and more. Check it out.

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