fit to burst
Thanks Diana

It's been a quiet Wikli in our hometown, out in the wedge between Beacon Hill and Lake Washington… Sounds like the preamble of a story with plenty of neighborly details. There are several summertime favorites coming up: the Farmers Market, BeatWalk, Bike Sundays.

  • Hawthorne Elementary hosts its second annual auction this weekend.
  • There's a lovely walking path from Link to Lake. Join other walkers today.
  • Can you help this neighbor ace her SATs?
  • In our blogossiphere:
    • We may not have our cinema yet, but we can still find its popcorn.
    • Metro proposes substantial changes to its transit services, and we hear some neighbors are upset about it. Here in the neighborhood there's a public meeting about it this week.
  • In Citizen discussion, there are follow-up posts about rezones and redevelopment.

There's all that and more. Check it out.

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