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This morning the Wikli has its hands full. Columbia Citizens have their arms outstretched, inviting you to lend a hand, try your hand, clap your hands, or fill them with neighborhood goods. Oh, and this is the last time Columbia Citizens can count on one hand the years we've shared this site: five years and counting.

  • Jazz Night School puts on its Jazzathon throughout the business district, and a performance at RVCC.
  • Church of Hope has an easy volunteer opportunity: help homeless kids through Project Cool.
  • Want to learn about HypnoBirthing? Here's your chance.
  • Radical Women put on a booksale.
  • The season's third ArtWalk is next week.
  • Mollia and Sandy offer a creative dance camp.
  • Heard about the Longview strike? What's up with Occupy Seattle? a panel discussion.
  • For the food bank, Chow Down.
  • Ellen's looking for creative kids for her Musical Theater program.
  • Tour the world, right here in the MLK business district.
  • In this week's blogossiphere,
    • The apartments on Hudson are leasing.
    • The Ale House's tuna melt, and reviews of the Silver Fork and El Pilon
    • Rainier Vista cleans up.
    • Here's what Bike Works did this year.
    • A shooting at Orcas.
  • In Citizen discussion,
    • Wellness talks, a petition drive, pickup soccer/ultimate, a neighbor market vendor, an available doula, Shakespeare in the Park, and more.

There's all that and more. Check it out.

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