many happy returns
the final tally — thanks Jenn

The day after, you may be floating or flinching, but for its part the Wikli is happy to have so many races and issues resolved. From the national scale to the hyper-local, our daily dialogues matter, and Columbia Citizens should be proud of our parts in the civic discourse that lent to Tuesday's results.

  • A Citizen offers tutoring services.
  • AIM celebrates the arts.
  • Uke with Kathleen
  • Arts Gumbo: Argentina
  • In our blogossiphere:
    • Who'da thought we lived in such a sketchy neighborhood? A gang of Seattle sketchers descend on the landmark district.
    • The theater puts on Hip Hop Thursdays.
    • Slog asks what we've been wondering — where was our ballot dropbox?
    • cooking insights from Asian grandmas, at the library
  • In Citizen discussion,
    • "Patrick" is back on our doorsteps.
    • a nearby rental
    • booty camp
    • Rookie's celebrates its first anniversary. In its second year, can it still claim the name?

Many happy returns.

There's all that and more. Check it out.

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