Hey, thanks.
sketch by Gail Wong

For the connections you make with your neighbors. For the effort you put into your favorite causes. For all the times you tap into what's happening around you. For paying attention. For showing up. For putting yourself out there to announce an event, to float an idea, or to let neighbors know what you think. It all helps to shape the space we share — so thanks.

This one's a bi-Wikli, see you on the other side of Thanksgiving.

  • Young guys can earn fast cash for street smarts.
  • Feast with neighbors at November's community dinner.
  • Ready… AIM celebrates the arts.
  • Rainier Vista's Neighborhood House seeks tech volunteers.
  • Check out this week's blogossiphere:
    • Julie sells La Medusa.
    • Empire hosts a wine tasting event.
    • Divine discussions at Columbia City's Church of Hope.
    • Kids raise cash for food.
    • More Columbia City sketches.
    • Flipped out: back in the days of the real estate bubble.

There's all that and more. Check it out.

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