the very end
thanks Jen

It's no wonder we're so intent on this week, as we pass through the dark and back to the light. We have a great deal to share. In this Wikli, please be sure to read to the very end, click through to the link for Buzz Anderson's obituary — and take some time to appreciate the well-spent life of a devoted neighbor.

  • Local congregations celebrate a candlelight service, a Christmas Eve service, and events for the unchurched.
  • The community chorus kicks off its winter session.
  • Help keep neighbors' hard-earned dollars in the neighborhood: tax prep.
  • Sarah is fired up for her new business.
  • Radical women look for a clean sweep this New Year's.
  • Help out with a neighborhood walking audit.
  • Stash has what you need.
  • Kathleen teaches uke classes.
  • In our blogossiphere,
    • a Christmas pageant
    • restaurant reviews for Spice Room and Island Soul
    • Bike Works ups its game: bikes for all
    • wine tasting @ Empire
    • What's futsal?
    • a ped vs link collision
    • Rainier Vista's tech center
  • In Citizen discussion, we're now drawing on posts from our facebook group,
    • Booty camp
    • a lost & found chicken
    • a Montessori open house
    • A neighor needs a dog walker.
    • looking for sewing classes
    • a link to the obituary for Buzz Anderson, longtime Columbia City leader and advocate

This one's a bi-Wikli. See you in 2013.

There's all that and more. Check it out.

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