sense of place
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In this week's blogossiphere, a home builder has posted about terroir, or sense of place. And that set this Wikli to thinking. What helps define ours? A landmark district? Check. Neighbor-owned & operated businesses? Certainly. Folks who know each other & see each other regularly? But of course. Good spaces to come together with friends? Mmm-hmm. A comfortable walking environment? Youbetcha. All that and much, much more.

  • The library is now open seven days a week.
  • The SouthEast District Council meets to recommend area improvements to sidewalks and crossings.
  • The Gallery puts on its art auction.
  • In our blogossiphere,
    • The Seattle Sketcher profiles the newly reopened cinema.
    • terroir of Rainier Vista
    • Harbor looks to sell its new apartment building.
    • Orca's MLK march for social justice,
    • ice cream for breakfast
  • In Citizen posts,
    • zoning maps,
    • smash & grabs and nuisance properties.
    • booty camp.

There's all that and more. Check it out.

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