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Neighbors expressed incredulity at a well-attended, community organized meeting about last month's police shooting. Read on, and see what you think. If you're looking for ways to stretch your mind your money, your mastery, or your muscles, this Wikli's got something for you.

  • Local women musicians expand the genre and their audience in this jazz festival.
  • Go with the flow: Yoga-Nia.
  • On the hunt for a good book, or have one to suggest? The library's got a monthly book group.
  • Do it for Mom: join the parade.
  • The historical society considers Washington's Civil War legacy.
  • In its third year, Art Walk throws a party.
  • Delve into one of Seattle's own radical roots.
  • Unload those documents and unwanted gadgets: e-cycling this weekend.
  • In our blogossiphere,
    • In a meeting about last month's recent shooting, Neighbors take a critical view of police accounts.
    • Orca announces its plant sale.
    • The kids release salmon.
    • Diana profiles City Art Farm.
    • Details about new development at Columbia Plaza
    • Neighbors advocate for a Cheasty bike trail.
    • Kids break into school.
    • The library puts on a kids' book day.
    • Next week is the first week of the farmers market.
  • In Citizen discussion, more about Green Eileen, real estate agents, and townhouses.

There's all that and more. Check it out.

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