City shuts down the Cinema
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City shuts down the Cinema


Ouch — When Paul Doyle expanded the Cinema, I'd wondered about permits… Here's Paul's latest message (Thursday, June 17):

The Cinema is Closing

Unless You Send an E-Mail

The Cinema's Last Stand

Yesterday the City declared war on our little cinema. Out of the blue, they shut us down, saying the building was unsafe. I've never felt unsafe here myself. How about you?

They said there were a number of fire code violations. Some were valid, some not so valid — we're talking about city government after all — but the important thing is, we've agreed to comply with all of them. In fact we've complied with most of them already. But the big one is they want us to sprinkle the building. We didn't even know we had to. We thought the upstairs at least was grand-fathered in. It should be. The code says multiplexes must be sprinkled but we're not a multiplex. According to the industry, we're a triplex or a miniplex. A multiplex is more than three. Not according to the city. Do we look like a multiplex to you? But we've agreed to sprinkle anyway. Except that the city has given us no time to comply. In fact did not explain the sprinkling requirement until AFTER they shut us down. We have asked the City if we can remain open while we bring the building up to code. So far they have said no. If we can't remain open, we will have to close forever. So if you would like us to survive, please send an e-mail to BOTH of these e-mail addresses Now. Today. It has to be today. Ask the addressees to please let the cinema remain open while we upgrade the building. Thanks.


The Gang at Columbia City Cinema

…quickly followed by this from Marj Raunig:

Well, I just got a call from Paul, and good news has immediately followed the bad news. The City has allowed a provisional re-opening of the Cinema for 2 weeks while Paul puts a plan together to address the "deficiencies". SO — if you're planning to write to the Mayor and head of DPD — please thank them for this action and encourage continued cooperation to resolve any issues.



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