Running Start program - COMPASS test preparation
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Running Start program - COMPASS test preparation

Seeking volunteer teachers to teach COMPASS preparation class for refugee youth in Kent area.

In Kent, there are refugee youth who are doing great in their high school. They have tremendous aspirations for their future. One of the refugee youth is ranked #1 in the school after being in the U.S. for less than one year. These students are sharp and hardworking. What they and their families lack is tuition for higher level education.

These students are being encouraged to enroll in the Running Start program at Highline Community College. The students need to take the COMPASS test before getting admitted to Running Start.

These students need teachers to help them prepare for the COMPASS test. COMPASS tests can be taken at any time at community colleges. Some refugee youth want to take the test at the end of the summer or in the early fall. The teaching schedule is flexible. Please contact Pwint Htun at the e-mail address given for more information.

Submitted by Jen Wilkinson on behalf of Pwint Htun moc.liamg|nuth.tniwp#moc.liamg|nuth.tniwp

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