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The MLK Business Association is proud to present the Plate of Nations. The event will feature 12 Outstanding, independently and locally-owned restaurants offering delicious meal deals. It will be held March 27th - April 9th along MLK in the Valley.

MLK Jr. Way South is home to some of Seattle's best, independently owned ethnic eateries. Hankering for some Chinese dim sum, a Vietnamese fish sandwich, Somali goat shawarma, Cajun style crawfish, or Mexican huaraches and a margarita? MLK has it.

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Come taste the rich flavors these local restaurants offer at the first-ever Plate of Nations event. From March 27 – April 9, Plate of Nations will draw food lovers and urban adventurers to sample the authentic international cuisine offered by some of the best restaurants in the heart of the Rainier Valley, one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the country.

During this two-week event, twelve participating MLK restaurants will offer special $15 and $25 group meal deals. Participating restaurants include the Original Phillys (American East Coast), Café Ibex (Ethiopian), Joy Palace (Chinese), Rainier BBQ (Vietnamese), Q Bakery (Vietnamese), Tony’s Bakery (Vietnamese), Karama (East African), Huarachitos (Mexican), Venus (Chinese), Thai Palms (Thai), Olympic Express (Southeast Asian Halal), and Cajun Crawfish (American South).

Plate of Nations is a new signature event of the MLK Business Association, which was formed in 2008, during light rail construction, to promote the independently owned businesses in the MLK community. Plate of Nations is the brainchild of Asari Mohamath, a Cham Muslim refugee from Vietnam and former owner of Salima restaurant, who wanted to develop a unified marketing event to highlight the unique and authentic cuisines offered by MLK restaurants. Julie Pham, MLK BA Board Chair, said, “We were brainstorming new ideas for promoting the business district and everyone got excited about a food event because food brings people together.”

Immigrants from around the world have settled in the Rainier Valley and started businesses, many of them restaurants providing cultural favorites to their ethnic communities looking for a taste of home. Those restaurant owners are excited to welcome other customers to their traditions. Minh Chau of Rainier BBQ said, “We’re excited to be a part of this program, to get to know the other restaurant owners, and to share our food with more people. She hopes to see you at Rainier BBQ during Plate of Nations.

Venues are easily accessible by light rail from downtown or the #8 bus from Capitol Hill.

The MLK Business Association (MLKBA) is a non-profit organization established in 2008 to serve the businesses along Martin Luther King Jr. Way South. Its vision is to “build a strong, vibrant, and culturally diverse business community that is a destination second to none in the Pacific Northwest.”

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