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April is Poetry Month! Celebrate at SPLAB

calendar of events

April Tuesday: 5, 12, 19 & 26 @7pm: Living Room weekly writer’s critique circle

April 9 @6pm: Annual Allen Ginsberg Memorial Open Mic Poetry Marathon featuring music from Band of Poets & Quixote Radio, readings from the work of Allen Ginsberg, open mic and much more. Our record is 10 ½ hours.

Two special workshops from out of town poets as well. Read more.

April 17 @12pm: Writing workshop with Southern California native Sharon Doubiago. Her books include the memoir, My Father’s Love/Portrait of the Poet as a Young Girl, Volume One, Wild Ocean Press; Volume Two, Portrait of the Poet as a Woman: The Legacy, has just been published. She has written two dozen books of poetry and prose, most notably the epic poem Hard Country (West End Press).

April 30 @2pm: KUNDALINI RISING (Soma)tic Poetry Workshop with Philadelphia’s CAConrad. Come explore poetry which never leaves the world around us, a poetry taking nothing for granted, and taking everything for a source of creative viability.

Get more information at www.splab.org

All events take place at SPLAB in the Cultural Corner of the former Columbia School & all events are suggested donation $$

Soon, big news about Represent! 98118!

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