Orca K-8 annual plant sale
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Orca K-8 annual plant sale


Our famous annual plant sale will feature lots of starts for the garden, all planted by the kids, as well as native plants both edible and decorative. Music, food, kid crafts, etc. Come enjoy and support your local Environmental Education Program at Orca and for the community at large. May 14, 10am to 3pm right at the school on 46th and Dawson.

We'll have preorders on native plants including berries, etc.

If interested, email me at moc.liamg|reuabfuh.haras#moc.liamg|reuabfuh.haras

  • Clematis, gallon, $14
  • Dicentra/Bleeding Heart, gallon, native or cultivar, $10
  • Echinacea/Cone Flower, gallon, $8.50
  • Erysimum/Wall Flower, gallon, $8
  • Geranium/Hardy type, gallon, $8-12
  • Hebe assorted, 4inch-gallon, $4-8
  • Helianthemum/Sunrose, gallon, $8
  • Hosta assorted, gallon, $11-14
  • Lavender, gallon, $9
  • Ornamental Grasses, 4inch-gallon, $4-12
  • Papaver/Oriental Poppy, gallon, $8-12
  • Phygelius/Cape Fuschia, gallon, $8
  • Rudbeckia/Blackeyed Susan, gallon, $8
  • Salvia May Night, gallon, $8
  • Sedum assorted, 4inch, $4
  • Groundcovers assorted, 4inch, $2.50-3
  • Vaccinium/Blueberry, Quart, $9.50
  • Fruits/Figs, olive, columnar apple,kiwi, gallon-5 gallon, $13-45
  • Ferns/Deer, autumn, tassel, etc., 4 inch-gallon, $4-9.5
  • Vines/Grape, wisteria, passion, hydrangea, jasmine, etc., gallon, $12-18
  • Tropical/Canna, palms, cordyline, gallon-5gallon, $8-45
  • Woody Shrubs, call or e-mail

moc.liamg|reuabfuh.haras#reuabfuH haraS

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