weeping willow coming down
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weeping willow coming down


It seems that the renovation of the P-Patch at 46th & Lucile will include the removal of the huge weeping willow tree.

As a longtime resident of Hillman City and lover of the P-Patch at 46th & Lucile Street, I was very sad to learn that the huge weeping willow tree is to be removed. My family and I have been looking forward to the transformation planned for this p-patch, we've watched some of the preparations, visited the community relations event last summer, and studied the onsite map of the new plans.

In all of that time we were under the impression that the p-patch was planning to welcome those neighbors close by and welcome that participation. In the early plans it was plain that the weeping willow and neighboring plum bushes were to be protected.

(A neighbor has since posted a clarification about this).

Well, I guess someone changed that plan. As I took my little one to school this morning she yelled, "Mom stop! They are taking out the plums!" We stopped to inquire and yes they are going as well as the very large weeping willow tree. Thanks a lot garden planners. I took my daughter to school crying. We have played in and around that tree since she was a baby. I know we are not the only ones. I have no information to explain to her why such a big beautiful, friendly tree is to be removed. So much for a greener Seattle.

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