Neighbor Sally's Nursery guest growers' sale
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Neighbor Sally's Nursery guest growers' sale


Join us in our charming backyard nursery Saturday and Sunday, May 14-15 2011 to choose from a wide assortment of organically grown plants, natural herbal products, seeds and gifts. Enjoy Sally's famous lavender lemonade and herbal cookies while you shop. Our guest growers are experienced horticulturists who love to share their expertise and knowledge. 9:30 to 4:30

Thanks for sharing 15 years of gardening with us!

Sally Ditzler, 6924 55th Ave S, 725-1903

Featured Growers:

Dragonstone Farm and Luna's Apothecary. Lana has an extensive collection of organic and heirloom herb, vegetable and flower seeds and selected vegetable and flower starts, including rare Japanese tree peonies, gladiolas, allium gigantea, black mondo grass, eucalyptus trees and more. Her apothecary selection includes healthy, organic and chemical-free beauty and health products like Luna's Health Food for Skin and herbal based gardener's salves and muscle tonics. Lana Baker 248-3626, ten.tsacmoc|mrafenotsnogard#ten.tsacmoc|mrafenotsnogard

Ruthy's Hobby. Ruthy returns with her beautiful collection of culinary herbs including 20 varieties of basil, stevia, lemongrass, and epazote. She also has unusual edibles (Asian cucumbers, fish peppers, strawberry spinach, ground cherries), intriguing annuals (pumpkin on a stick, love-lies-bleeding, kangaroo apples, castor beans, flowering maples, blue shrimp plants, etc.) and an assortment of ground covers, and sun and shade perennials. moc.liamtoh|tipmudr#moc.liamtoh|tipmudr

Neighbor Sally's Nursery. Your hosts are committed to providing you with plants that will succeed in your garden. Choose from over 30 varieties of tomato plants, unique squash and cucumbers, selected vegetable, herbs and perennials.

Follow the Green Plant Sale Signs!

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