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Valley & Mountain Fellowship celebration


Valley & Mountain is a spiritual community/church based in Columbia City with a mission to: build a radically inclusive community, rooted in love, that practices deep listening and creative liberation. It is made up of people with all kinds of perspectives who are brought together by a common desire to create a more just and peaceful world and to develop spiritual maturity in the context of an open and supportive community.

Celebrations are one manifestation of what this community is, and involves a mix of meditation, yoga, art, poetry, music, making sandwiches for the food bank, a reflection, and a shared meal. Sunday, June 19, 4-5:20pm. Click here for a fuller description.

V&M Celebrations go like this:

  1. After a brief welcome and song, all are invited to spend about 30 minutes in a room of their choice. Recognizing that different people encounter the sacred in a variety of ways (and that even the needs of a single person tend to vary), we provide several options for folks to choose between. These options vary depending on who is available on a given Sunday but may include meditation, art, yoga, jamming/singing, found poetry, sandwich making (for the Rainier Valley Food Bank), etc.
  2. We regather around tables in a central room. Someone shares a reflection.
  3. Finally, we eat a light meal and digest what we experienced that day with those at our table: what we experienced in the first part and from the second part what resonated with us or what we disagree with. We end with a song and farewell blessing.

FYI: wear what you like (most people dress casually). We delight in the fact that our community contains diversity of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, primary language, and religious (or non-religious) identity.

To learn more, visit: or email the convener, John Helmiere, at moc.liamg|ereimlehj#moc.liamg|ereimlehj.

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