Seward Park Centennial Festival
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Seward Park Centennial Festival


The Seward Park Centennial Festival is coming up in a mere two weeks on July 16-17. Historic hydroplanes, classic cars (including one 100 years old!), a garden and history tour, vintage fashions, a promenade, food, live music, clay art, and a pie-eating contest will all be featured, along with Seward Park memoribilia.

Here's a complete schedule

Centennial events run from 10am till 4pm on July 16th. Wear clothing from your favorite part of the last century and join the promenade around the Shoreline Loop Road, followed by Classic Cars from decades before 1960, and including a 100 year old car!

Check out historic hydroplanes that used to race in Andrews Bay. Watch the fashion show. Visit the Clay Art exhibition. Listen to live music.

Centennial souvenirs help fund the festivities, so don't hesitate to get something unique to commemorate the event. You can buy and frame Marcia Bartholme’s limited edition aquatint etching of the Seward Park Torii, order centennial T-shirts, or buy a commemorative poster, garden tour tickets, or our book Cherries, Lanterns and Gates describing the history of the Seward Park Torii, lanterns, and cherry trees. These items will be available at the Festival and/or on the Centennial website, where you can also find historic photos and more details about the festival.

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