"Beacon Rocks!" July 11th 1-5pm
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"Beacon Rocks!" July 11th 1-5pm


"Beacon Rocks!" happens at the Lander Festival Street beside the Beacon Hill light rail station.

Come hear music from Beacon Hill musicians, watch dancers and performers, get some food from local businesses, enjoy activities for kids, etc. Bring your friends (and bringing your lawn chairs isn't a bad idea).

See the full lineup.

The next "Beacon Rocks!" is Sunday July 11 1-5pm
"Beacon Rocks!" happens at the Lander Festival Street beside the Beacon Hill light rail station. Here's a map.

What is "Beacon Rocks!"?
"Beacon Rocks!" is a free, outdoor, family-friendly Beacon Hill-centric music series, including all styles of music and performance. It is meant to be fun, an opportunity to build community and give local musicians a place to play in their neighborhood. We mean Beacon as in "our neighborhood", the folks who live, work or go to school around Beacon Hill. Rocks is used to mean "a lively state of being excellent" not as in only rock music allowed.

Here are the performers for the July 11 Beacon Rocks!

The Students of Skin Deep Dance — Tribal Belly Dance
Tribal Style bellydance is both a celebration of the female spirit and a physical display of the strength and beauty women. Its roots can be traced back to the rituals of past matriarchal cultures and to the secular entertainments evolved as the gypsies traveled through India, Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Spain.

Seattle Fandango Project
The Seattle Fandango Project is dedicated to building relationships and social activism through participatory music. The Fandango traditions of Veracruz, Mexico, use music, singing, and dancing to generate a spirit of convivencia—of living and being in community. For a decade, musicians in Veracruz and in California have built a movement of convivencia through Fandango Sin Fronteras (Fandango Without Borders). The Seattle Fandango Project brings this movement to Seattle with local workshops, concerts, and public discussions with guest artists, as well as community members, organizers, and educators.

Autumn Electric
Well-crafted and truly beautiful folk/rawk. Autumn Electric takes coffee house tunes to a whole new level, sometimes otherworldly, always engaging. Singer Michael Trew has a unique, almost ethereal at times, vocal style that captures hearts and minds. Add keyboards, a glockenspiel and tasteful female backing vocals and you're in business.

JJ DelSerra
Contemporary original urban folk/rock with intelligent and witty lyrical awesomeness. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27V2nRnr-0g
See JJ on youtube].

The Beaconettes are an acapella singing group of local women friends, mostly from the Beacon Hill neighborhood. What started in 2008 as a get-together to sing Christmas carols in someone’s front room, has morphed into public performances in all sorts of venues. They typically perform well-known tunes in four-part harmony, with witty, and politically left-leaning lyrics. The Beaconettes recently were invited to hold a workshop on acapella singing at Folklife and taught a group of over a hundred a new version of “California Dreamin’”, lamenting the travails of middle age. Last Christmas the Beaconettes participated in Seattle’s Figgy Pudding Caroling Contest, competing against over 40 other groups in this annual benefit event, winning both “Most Creative Performance” and “People’s Choice Award”.
a video, and another

Jack Lenoir & friends
A singer, guitar player and songwriter, and his musical friends, Melet and Betty Jean. All long time Beacon Hill residents.

Screaming Starts
Rock and roll with old school punk sensibilities. This band is super tight and super loud. Their music is rich with bass and distorted guitar. Their songs are incredibly catchy. Your grandma might not like it very much, but your kids are gonna love it! It all started in Oct. '08 when THE CREEPER answered a local add seeking a rock vocalist for a rock band. On the other end of the add he found none other than, STEW MANCHU(guitar) STEVIE YOUNGBLOOD(drums). They soon collided armed with the necessary weapons for a rock battle, like blood and guts go together, so did they. Once they rocked they couldn't stop, and so they began to write like mad men, each new song better than the last, blood and guts, sex and drugs, rock and roll! Eventually they were joined by a bass player calling himself THE WOLFMAN who has been warmly accepted into the dysfunctional family known as THE SCREAMING STARTS. With the line-up now properly fulfilled, they are now ready to work towards the day when they can hit the stage and detonate the rock all over the faces of some unsuspecting audience.
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"Beacon Rocks!" is produced by Beacon Hill Music with the help of the North Beacon Hill Council, ROCKiT Space, Jefferson Park Community Center, El Centro de la Raza, The Station Espresso, Red Apple Grocery Store, Beacon Hill International School, Einstein Signs, BAM Grants, Jeffery Taylor Insurance AND an amazingly large number of other supporting groups, companies and especially individuals who have stepped forward to help get this series off the ground in its first year. Partial funding was provided by the City of Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods Small Sparks grant program.

Volunteers: We would love to have your help! Anyone who would like to help with organizing, fund-raising, publicity, managing T-shirts, talking with neighbors and businesses, event set-up, clean-up or providing any kind of support is welcome. Join us and have some fun! Email us at moc.liamg|skcornocaeb#moc.liamg|skcornocaeb if you would like to volunteer and would like a list of specific jobs we need people for.

If you have questions, suggestions, etc. about Beacon Rocks or Beacon Hill Music email us at moc.liamg|skcornocaeb#moc.liamg|skcornocaeb.

Beacon Rocks!Beacon Rocks!

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