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Women's Wisdom Journey at the Whidbey Institute, Whidbey Island, WA, March 9-11, with Columbia Citizen Judith Waldman

The Whidbey retreat has a couple of spaces still available. The place is lovely, the food is divine, and the workshop is special: whidbeyinstitute.org

Fee: $350. Includes Lodging, Food, and Retreat Fee. Some reduced fees may be available.

Judith Waldman, MSW. Director: Women's Journeys and Community
Empowerment Workshops. Visit judithwaldman.com for feedback from previous participants and to register.

Friday March 9 at 7:30pm to Sunday March 11 at noon
Whidbey Institute. Whidbey Island, WA www.whidbeyinstitute.org

This weekend is a joyful time of connecting with our selves and each other as we journey to access our intuitive women’s wisdom. There is a special, sacred quality, an energy of spirit, that we share as women. In our time together we will awaken our senses, create energy and balance, and inspire creativity. We will deepen our physical and emotional wisdom with mindfulness meditation and movement, and unique experiences incorporating art, music, dance, talking circles, poetry, and playfulness. We will journey within to connect to the deep wisdom of our soul. Experiencing our interconnectedness, caring, and compassion, will help us create change within ourselves and the world around us. The sacred Sanctuary, the wonderful Labyrinth, and the beauty of the Old Growth Forest will nourish and inspire. Mornings will begin with optional gentle Yoga taught by Julie Dillon, Seattle Yoga teacher. On Sunday, we leave for our own Journeys feeling nurtured, empowered, and replenished.

“ I bring many wonderful years of experience as a psychotherapist, workshop and retreat leader, and national trainer for other leaders. My joys are nurturing and empowering women, using our intuitive wisdom for health and healing, and finding peace within. I love sharing these processes with a group of women.”

For more information and to register: www.judithwaldman.com moc.evil|namdlawj#moc.evil|namdlawj 410 889-1123

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