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Seattle Audubon Master Birder program


The Seattle Audubon Master Birder program is an incredible opportunity to learn about the birds of Washington state. Master Birder is a two-semester course and education-for-service program focusing on the identification and natural history of Washington's birds. Since its origin in 1988, we've offered the course every other year.

Participants benefit from an intensive study of Northwest birds and serve as valuable resources for Seattle Audubon and the community. There are mulitiple opportunities to volunteer in SE Seattle and graduates of the master birder program have provided hundreds of volunteer hours in our neighborhood schools and parks.

Seattle Audubon will host an informational meeting: "Interested in Becoming a Master Birder?" at the Center for Urban Horticulture, Douglas Classroom, 7-9 PM, April 11th, 2012.

This year's Master Birder program will feature Dennis Paulson offering one or two lectures a week, plus some guest lecturers. There will also be full class and optional smaller group field trips, weekly birding by ear sessions linked to season, habitat, and species groups, and homework designed to reinforce the material as well as teach master birders how to foster lifelong learning.

More information is on the Seattle Audubon website.

Applications are due by May 12th, which is also the deadline for completing the entrance examination. Please check the Seattle Audubon website for the application materials and exam schedules, which will be posted soon.

The next Master Birder class will begin this coming fall on Monday, September 24th, with two evening classes weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays (except November 21st) through December 5th. The winter/spring section will start February 18th, with two weekly evening classes until April 29th, 2013.

This program requires a nominal fee of $150 to cover some of the expenses (partial scholarships may be available) and a contribution of at least 100 volunteer hours to Seattle Audubon (10 volunteer hours per semester, and 100 total within two years of completing the program).

Seattle Audubon will offer a series of field trips between April 11th and May 12th for people who want to learn more. These are in the planning stages now, but will be posted on the Seattle Audubon website once they are finalized. They will be short local field trips lead by graduates of the Master Birder program.

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