Wagon Queen Truckster @ the Shirley Marvin Hotel
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Wagon Queen Truckster @ the Shirley Marvin Hotel

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If you remember the 1980s "National Lampoon Vacation" movie starring Chevy Chase, you will remember the Wagon Queen Truckster. Well, it'll be parked outside The Shirley Marvin Hotel in Columbia City during the weekend of Friday, July 30th through Sunday, August 1st. HomeAway.com has chosen The Shirley Marvin Hotel to be part of the grand tour of the Truckster around the U.S.A. And for a tour of The Shirley Marvin click here: [http://shirleymarvin.com]

HomeAway.com has created a mini-film as a reprise of the the original movie reuniting Chase with Beverly d'Angelo as The Griswolds. Check them out.

We hope the truckies and travel blogger, Jennifer Miner get a great Columbia City Welcome. More info to follow next week.

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