Rate your space at a neighborhood walking audit
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Rate your space at a neighborhood walking audit

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Actively engage in making your community safer and more walkable by participating in a Feet First walking audit. Help us collect a diverse range of voices to give feedback on how you feel about walking around your neighborhood, and what you would like to see change for the better.

These walking audits will identify safety hazards, maintenance issues, and other deficiencies in the pedestrian environment. For example, a wheelchair user might use the app to identify a broken sidewalk that poses a barrier to them, or a parent might show a hazardous crossing of a busy street their kids must use to get to school.

Contact Feet First to set up a Rate Your Space walking audit in your community! The information will be gathered through iPod Touches and wifi hotspots (provided by Feet First) using Walk Score's new app. The Walk Score app is a useful new tool that allows residents to input data in the field as they survey their own neighborhood. Users can note problem locations on an interactive map, include a short note describing the issue, and attach photographs of the location. Other users can use the app to view, “like,” and make additional comments. The data can be collected by iPhones or iPod Touches, or inputted directly on the Walk Score website. Feet First will provide training on how to use the app, as well as the technology for anyone without access to an iPhone device.

The information collected will be used to support education, encouragement, and enforcement efforts to improve walking conditions in Rainier Valley, including planning for Neighborhood Greenways. Feet First will analyze and collate the data, which will then be presented to the City of Seattle to facilitate the resolution of small-scale pedestrian problems.This campaign is open to all people who live, work, or play in the Rainier Valley and would like to participate. Transportation options affect everyone, and people of all ages and abilities should have the opportunity to get around their communities safely. People interested in participating in the campaign may contact Feet First Volunteer Coordinator Darcy Edmunds by emailing darcy(at)feetfirst.org or calling 206-652-2310 ext. 5.

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