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    label: summary
    hint:  This first section will appear on the front page of the Wikli.  It should be around 100 words.
    type: wiki
    height: 7
    width: 76
    label: details
    hint: Write as much as you like here.  Readers can click through to this information from the Wikli's front page.  You can come back and edit this page afterwards.
    type: wiki
    width: 76
    height: 16
    type: static
    value: Post either your Wikidot username **//@@[[*user YourUserName]]@@//** or your email **//@@[You@YourEmail.com YourName]@@//**.  Wikidot's system spoofs any emails, so people can read yours, but spambots don't recognize it.
    label: contact
    hint:  your username OR your email (see syntax above)
    type: wiki
    width: 76
    height: 1
    type: static
    value: If you'd like to show an image, you can upload one to this page after you've saved it.  You'll see a link for that at the bottom of the page.

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