Wikli 2007, 08/22
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Welcome to the first-ever Columbia Citizens' Wikli

The Wikli is an informal e-flyer containing announcements and messages of interest to Columbia City neighbors. Anyone can contribute, and anyone can edit. This is a brand-new wiki feature, and we welcome any ideas and suggestions.


Original Citizens' wiki, 20th century

Photo by allie pasquier. More images in the Citizens' gallery. Add yours!

You can use the Wikli…

  • to propose an idea for the neighborhood,
  • to link to a blog,
  • to introduce a new neighbor,
  • to introduce yourself,
  • to tell a local anecdote,
  • to show a local photo,
  • to announce an event,
  • to editorialize,
  • or to share any other neighborhood news.

The Wikli also features selected updates to the Columbia Citizens wiki.

To keep it concise, let's limit each new item to around 100 words. Less is more — if you need more, then it's time to create your own new wiki-page on the site and link to it here. Where appropriate, please include your name and any contact info.

About once a week, maybe Wednesdays, we'll "freeze" the Wikli's content, move it to its own read-only page, and send an email alert. At first these alerts will go out to neighborhood email lists. Those memberships overlap — so in the interest of spam-reduction, soon it would be good to send the Wikli only to people who opt in. So please opt in.

This week in the Wikli

There was an apartment fire on Monday 8/21 at the SE corner of Hudson and 39th Ave S. It's a historic building and the Seattle Red Cross has put families up. Now if only there were a centralized list of these neighbors' needed items, in a place where the rest of us could easily sign up to donate… hey, that's a wiki! More later…
Take a look at the community calendar. A free play for kids and adults at RVCC, farmers' market, an architecture tour, and more.
There's a whole lotta organizing goin' on. Many Columbia Citizens are interested in forming a neighbors association, with a kickoff meeting on August 28. Others have been working on designing a neighborhood gathering space, and recently started moving that project along.
Here's an amazing project: the Brighton Science Park. It's an interesting makeover for Brighton Playfield in Hillman City. There's a work party scheduled on Tuesday, Aug 28 — details on the calendar.
So you're walking down a busy street, wondering "why can't this feel like Columbia City?" Seattle's Department of Transportation has several ideas for local pedestrian improvements, and they're asking for your input on priorities. Pam Wrenn in Hillman City has posted about it and explains how to access the PDF. This article seems to be related. Take a look and let her know what you think.
Morgan Scherer has posted about her family's recent neighborhood bike expo, which featured all kinds of exciting pedal power. Let's help make that an annual event.
CC featured in the BHN/SDJ, including a historic sketch by Mikala Woodward, in news.
Here are details of that architecture tour of historic Columbia City on Sat, Aug 25th.
Some (dated) news from the blogossiphere — suds soon at CCC.
So far there are no neighborhood yard sales to report. Say it ain't so… and post yours now.
Columbia Citizens wiki-updates:
Lots of new photos in the Citizens' gallery. Thanks to the folks who have joined the CC photo group on Flickr. It's informative to see each photographer's angle, and it's a graphic way to capture the developments in our neighborhood. As we get more photos in the group pool, it will become an even better resource. Add yours!
flickr:901758192 flickr:416865666 flickr:1098010356 flickr:1175339606 flickr:1174598081
Created a new directory of schools & child cares. It's a work in progress, so please contribute to it.
Created a referrals page for plumbers. Other pages available in resources.
Added a section in the calendar page that links to what's happening at local venues.
Have you seen the Wikli? — guess so. You're welcome to contribute.

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