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Welcome to Week III of the Columbia Citizens' Wikli

The Wikli is an informal e-flyer containing announcements and messages of interest to Columbia City neighbors. Anyone can contribute, and anyone can edit. This is a brand-new wiki feature, and any ideas and suggestions are welcome.


Columbia City,
Seattle, WA

Photo by missjenn. More images in the Citizens' gallery.

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The Wikli also features selected updates to the Columbia Citizens wiki.

To keep it concise, let's limit each new item to around 100 words. Less is more — if you need more, then it's time to create your own new wiki-page on the site and link to it here. Where appropriate, please include your name and any contact info.

About once a week, usually Wednesdays, we'll "freeze" the Wikli's content, move it to its own read-only page, and send an email alert. At first these alerts will go out to neighborhood email lists. Those memberships overlap — so in the interest of spam-reduction, soon it would be good to send the Wikli only to people who opt in. So please opt in.

This week in the Wikli

It's a busy week on the community calendarFarmers' market, BeatWalk, bicycle Saturday, and lots of arts. If you notice anything missing, please post it.
The annual Zucchini 500 features at today's Farmers' Market, 9/5/07. For kids of all ages: make and race your very own vegetable vehicle! Zucchinis and all car parts are supplied by the market. You and the kids supply the creativity, the suspense, and the wild applause. — Amber Campbell
Graham Hill School's Unity Team is hiring a project coordinator focused on computer skills and cross-cultural exchange. Application deadline is Sept 10, 2007.
Neighbor group. Forty neighbors met at the Columbia Library to discuss formation of a neighbor association. The report-out is here, and they'd like your input.
Materials needed: Homework Help will be starting in late September at the Columbia Library. Volunteers help many kids, especially those whose families are new to America. They need school supplies. Here's the list given by Kate, the teen librarian and contact for Homework Help. Please donate, thanks. — Judith Lee
Citoyens de Columbia, unissez vous! Interested in a monthly neighborhood French club? Le voici.
What would you build with $4.5 million? Sidewalks? Traffic calming measures? New pavement for a local street? Your input will help determine which transportation improvements are built in your neighborhood. Seattle Department of Transportation and Department of Neighborhoods will host a Community Open House on Thursday, September 13, 5 to 8pm. You can drop in anytime.
New Holly Neighborhood, campus gathering hall, 7054 32nd Av S.
More information here.
Columbia City Bakery featured in the Seattle Times, in news.
CC in the blogossiphere:
* Local arsons discussed at Captain Columbia City.
* Lottie's Lounge and neighborhood WiFi, posted recently at Seattlest.
* Columbia City Theatre in Seattle Daily Photo.
* Harvest surplus on your backyard tree? Have fruit picked & donated to a local food bank.
Cinema link
At the movies. Friday we're playing Superbad, a comedy by the director of The 40-Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up. We haven't seen it, but it's still the #2 movie, and according to those who have seen it, it's just as funny, over the top and offensive as the director's first two. Got great reviews by the way. Naughty teenage boys dream about and talk about their girl counterparts in very potty-minded and potty-mouthed fashion. Rated R. — Paul Doyle

Columbia Citizens wiki-updates:

Two new photos in the Citizens' gallery. Quality over quantity. Add yours!
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Columbia Citizens: pioneers of the neighborhood wiki. Google "neighbor wiki", and we're second only to Fred Rogers' Wikipedia entry. But try "Columbia City, Seattle", and we're nowhere in sight. What's up with that??

Anyway, it'd be helpful to learn from other local wikis. If you find other successful examples out there, please share them here. In the meantime, be a part of wiki-history, and jump into this one.

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