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Seattle public drinking fountain
by Seattle Daily Photo
More images in the Citizens' [[[photos

Take a look at the community calendar

  • BOLD (a play),
  • a bicycle gala to save the world,
  • an artist's reception,
  • events at the library,
  • a community meeting to help design a gathering place,
  • and your best chance to affect new CC development.

If you notice something missing, please post it.

At the movies

Cinema link

We're playing Becoming Jane for one week beginning Friday, September 21. It's a good choice, a high class dramatic respite and an escape to the stately mansions and rolling meadows of a simpler time. Did Jane Austen have a love life? Was she a nineteenth-century hottie whose steamy love affairs became her novels? We'll never tell.

Still playing through Thursday, Sept 20: Hairspray 2:00 and 7:00; Superbad 4:30


Tuesday evening, there's a second Design Review meeting for a proposed apartment building at the corner of Rainier and 39th, across from SEED. It's currently a car lot, and it's one of those prominent acute corner lots on the historic district's ragged edge.

Here's the notice, and here's the report from the last meeting. There's also an initial review for 4626 MLK Jr. Wy S. Please attend, and keep these pointers in mind.

Full disclosure — I administer many such reviews, and proactive citizen input can be the key to achieving a good design for the neighborhood.


Think globally, bike locally: Seattle Climate Action NOW in Columbia City. Join us September 22 from 9am - 1pm in Columbia City to celebrate! Seattle Climate Action NOW is asking Seattle residents to become part of the solution to global warming by taking action.

Cascade Bicycle Club, Bike Works, The Bikery, Bicycle Alliance of Washington and the Department of Neighborhoods are collaborating with the City of Seattle in Columbia City to celebrate bicycling as transportation. Drop by for bike checks, helmet sales, bus passes and more!

Contact Serena Lehman for details 957 6623.

Your input here could result in better Columbia City sidewalks. Rob Mohn spells it out.

CC in the news

  • Light Rail requires realignment …in expectations,
  • Progress in the Science Park at Brighton Playfield,
  • Living green in CC — all in news.

CC in the blogossiphere

Columbia City kitty craves quality cuisine, clears out to cultivate community connections & causes quandry. Consider: our community comprises a certain cultured cat, this choice chum chow, and these colorful, classy creations. Coincidence? Codswallop. Clearly this captivating cat clicks and consorts with contacts by consulting Columbia Citizens. Case closed.


Wean the Wikli of its spamming ways. Hundreds of neighbors have found their way to the Wikli, mainly because the alerts go to lots of local listservs. The Wikli knows it's got a problem. It wants to kick the spam habit. So it's committed to a twelve-week program… After that, it's cold turkey — Wikli alerts only for those who have asked for them. This is week 5, so you've got seven more weeks to procrastinate. Or you could just opt in now.

Columbia Citizens wiki-updates:

Many amazing new photos in the Citizens' gallery. Add yours!
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Reorganized the sidebar to make site navigation so much easier.
Introduced sidebar links to recent edits and other wiki updates
Also in the sidebar, draft pages are now out there for all to see. That's a wiki for you. Citizens, feel free to adopt one of these deserving orphans as your own.

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