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Photo by johnvphipps. More images in the Citizens' gallery. Add yours!

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Welcome to Week VI of the Columbia Citizens' Wikli

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Plenty to do on the community calendar

  • Farmers Market (Wed),
  • Book-It Repertory leads a discussion of banned books (Wed),
  • CC Landmark District Review Committee (Thu),
  • Library story time (Fri),
  • Friday Night square dance,
  • Community meeting to design a gathering space (Sun),
  • CC Business Association monthly meeting (Tue).

If your local event is missing, please post it.

Walt Crowley died Friday, September 21.

He was an activist, a populist, a journalist, a political commentator, an urban planner, and a renowned chronicler of local Seattle. Here's some video he produced in Columbia City. He leaves an incredible legacy of colorful stories and histories.

Here's a neighbor's fitting eulogy.

If you've got a penchant for local history, the Rainier Valley Historical Society has a meaningful project for you. If you'd like to follow Walt's example and make these histories engaging and accessible to modern-day Citizens, here's a start: please run with it!

At the movies

Cinema link

Two more days for the very satisfying and beautiful Becoming Jane.

On Friday we begin The Kingdom, staring Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper and Jennifer Garner, in which an FBI team travels to Saudi Arabia to investigate a murder and gets into more hot water and sweltering sand than they bargained for. Difficult to watch in places, but excellent, sort of a Bourne Ultimatum with a plot.

After that it’s most likely Michael Clayton with George Clooney.

That's it for now. See you at the movies.


Square Dances return to the Lakewood Community Center!

The season opener is Friday, September 28: Laura Mé Smith calling to the music of The Little Dogs. Details are here and on the calendar.

The CC Landmarks Review Committee meets on Friday (agenda is here).

First they'll review signage for several new tenants in the Edmunds St live-aboves.

The second half of the agenda is a review for new townhouses at 4729 36th Avenue S, along the west side of Columbia Park commons.

Seattle CAN held a bicycle event on Saturday 9/22 in front of Bike Works.

The event offered tips on bicycle safety and maintenance, as well as plenty of encouragement to ditch four wheels in favor of two. Some photos are here.


Columbia Citizens working downtown and points north — did you know you have Seattle's most scenic, most fulfilling, least chaotic bike commute, bar none?

Here's an idea: what if our CC cyclists charted their favorite bike routes, to work and for pleasure, and posted them here?

Wok this way.

Too early to think about local holiday donatons? Bah humbug to that.

There's still time to submit your preferences for street and sidewalk improvements. See Rob Mohn's monograph and Boyd Pickrell's picks.

CC in the news

Seattle Times
  • The Seattle Times features Hillman City as its neighborhood of the week. Dylan Carney's last word on the matter rings especially true.
  • Also HC-related, The P-Patch Program needs a boost.
  • We're falling down in our food bank donations. The guy in the picture doesn't look very happy with us.

… all in news.

Drinking Liberally

CC in the blogossiphere

  • Geraldine's Counter features prominently at Seattle Daily Photo, along with some bonus shots. You saw it here first, folks.
  • The Captain talks trash and cash, both abundant in SE Seattle real estate.
  • Limitless left-leaning libations for locals: last week for the first time, southeast Seattle's chapter of Drinking Liberally plied political points over pints. They'll get together third Wednesdays at the Columbia City Alehouse.


Wean the Wikli of its spamming ways.

Hundreds of neighbors have found their way to the Wikli, mainly because the alerts go to lots of local listservs. The Wikli knows it's got a problem. It wants to kick the spam habit. So it's committed to a twelve-week program… After that, it's cold turkey — Wikli alerts only for those who have asked for them. This is week 6, so you've got six more weeks to procrastinate. Or you could just opt in now.

Columbia Citizens wiki-updates:

New photos in the Citizens' gallery. Add yours!
flickr:531982687 flickr:392414723 flickr:1410858777
Gave a major tuneup to the local bike route page. Take a look and add your own favorite routes.
Updated information about Columbia City's re-nascent Citizens' group. Mark your calendar for their upcoming October 15 meeting.
No really! You can now copy events directly from the CC calendar into your own personal Google calendar. Try it out.

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