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Backlit Spirit

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Live locally. Check out the the community calendar

  • Farmers Market (Wed),
  • Family Night at the library (Thu),
  • library story time (Fri),
  • Beatwalk (Fri),
  • work party on Hitt's Hill (Sat),
  • a neighborhood brunch (Sun),
  • and your best chance to affect new CC development (Tue).

In the calendar, you can click through to each event's online information.
If a local event is missing, please send a Citizen's alert.

At the movies

Cinema link

Paul's recent message compares the CC Cinema to the SS Titanic, and not in the megamillion-blockbuster sense of the word…

This could shape up to be a real nail-biter. Please respond to Paul's message in a bottle.
And when you're wondering how to pass a rainy October afternoon or evening, we suggest a movie at Seattle's coolest cinema.


Bike Works link

Interested in working with youths, fixing bicycles or helping out at community events?

Come visit us down at Bike Works (On S Ferdinand between Rainier and 37th) to fill out a volunteer application, or for more information on how to get involved! Applications are available in our community bike shop. Visit our website for more information on our programs and what we do. Thanks!

click to enlarge

Development site, looking west. Tutta Bella is at the bottom right, S Hudson is on the right, 37th is at the top, S Dawson is on the left.

Tuesday evening (10/9) there's an Early Design Guidance meeting for a proposed mixed use development to the SW of Rainier and Hudson. It's the large St Gobain Plastics site, zoned for six-story buildings. If there's a key connection between the historic district and the neighborhood, this is it.

This is the first chance for neighbor input. Here's the meeting notice. Please attend, and keep these pointers in mind.

Check out what neighbors are saying and weigh in!

Full disclosure — I administer other similar reviews, and proactive citizen input can be the key to achieving a good design for the neighborhood.

At the library

library link
  • Children from birth to age twelve and their grownups are invited to Family Night on Thursday, Oct. 4 at 6:30 p.m. We'll share stories and rhymes and make crafts — collaged boxes and pictures, tissue paper "stained glass" pictures, mouse puppets and more. We'll have a dollhouse available for play. Contact Nancy at the library for more information: 386-1889 or gro.lps|wep.ycnan#gro.lps|wep.ycnan.

Nancy Pew

Paint-It-Out program link

SEED announces the new anti-graffiti "Paint It Out" program, a service to SE Seattle businesses and property owners.

Call the 24-hour GRAFFITI HOTLINE at (206) 760-4285. Leave your name, address, daytime phone number, and the exact location of graffiti on your property. We will arrange to have a team of youth interns from King County Superior Courts Community Programs along with an adult supervisor, schedule a time to come out and paint over the graffiti. More details here.

Northwest Community Services Food Bank is based in Genesee. It serves about 2500 individuals each month with emergency food.

In December we have a toy giveaway for the holiday season. Last year we served about 800 children (ages 0-17), and this year we need the help of our neighbors to be able to give these children new toys.

Drop-off times are Wednesdays and Saturdays, 7am-2pm, and Fridays, 7am-11am. Here's more information.

June BlueSpruce

Heartspring, 5404 Meridian Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98103
Facilitated by June BlueSpruce, MPH, Certified Intrinsic Coach®

In this participatory workshop, we will explore these questions and more:

  • How can we receive and remember more dreams?
  • How can dreams help us connect with our deepest selves, with each other and with Spirit?
  • How do dreams reveal our gifts, possibilities, and paths?

June is a longtime Columbia City resident and a shamanic dreamer and healer who has worked extensively with dreams, individually and in groups.

To register and for more information, visit June's website.

…So what am I to do
To keep the sky so blue?
There must be someone who will buy

CC in the news

Sunset Magazine
  • We feature in this month's Sunset Magazine, which remarks about the neighborhood's pay it forward attitude. That's the spirit.
  • Bull's Columbia City Fitness provides opportunities for local teens.
  • Città di Colombo. BHN/SDJ features Rainier Valley's Italian heritage, still apparent in everyday local life.

… all in news.

CC in the blogossiphere

  • Cinema news has caused this blogger to invite all her friends. Great idea.
  • Interested in Japanese textiles? Lucky for you this Genesee sale has fallen in your lap.
  • While you're there, check out Tagla Cafe: people love it.
  • Can't find 'em if they ain't there… At a new website, people can now take a world-wide whack at their nuisance neighbors. But when we checked out RottenNeighbor.com, it confirmed our suspicions. Nary a one in these parts…


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