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Photo by dailymare. More images in the Citizens' gallery. Add yours!

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Live locally. Consult your community calendar.

  • farmers market (Wed),
  • Drinking Liberally (Wed),
  • storytime & playtime at the library (Fri),
  • an urban dance-drama (Fri & Sat),
  • a Hillman City neighborhood cleanup (Sat),
  • sketches, drawings, and paintings exhibition (Sat & Sun),
  • Gateway project, community meeting (Tues).

In the calendar, you can click through to each event's online information.
If a local event is missing, please send a Citizen's alert.

Preschool link

Rainier Valley Co-op Preschool at the farmers market

Come say hi to some Rainier Valley Co-op Preschool parents at the kids tent. We'll be doing leaf rubbings to celebrate autumn, and we'll be passing out coupons for the Columbia City Toy & Clothing Sale coming up on the 27th. As always, kids tent activites are free and fun. Stop by and see us!

At the library

library link
  • Friday, October 19 marks the long-awaited return of Play 'n' Learn. This is a fun and educational program for kids from birth to age 5 and the grownups who care for them. It takes place from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm on Fridays in our meeting room. This year Neighborhood House is our partner, providing fun activities. It's a bilingual program — one of the teachers will be interacting in Spanish and English. It's free, no preregistration required.
  • When you're at the library, please get a library card for you and your child. And ask for Nancy, the children's librarian. I'd love to meet you and help you find books!

Nancy Pew

Al Doggett Sketches, Drawings, and Paintings Exhibition


Saturday & Sunday, 12 to 6pm
RVCC, 3515 S. Alaska St

Celebrating 40 Years of the works produced by the Al Doggett Studio, and recognizing the creative contributions of an African American working artist in our community. Opening its doors in 1967, Al Doggett Studio has served the community of Seattle, providing commissioned paintings, sketches, drawings, commercial art services in illustration, graphic art, fine art, fine art photography & photographic retouching.

Bank of America's Columbia City branch is hiring a part-time teller. You can post other local job listings.


Columbia City in the news

  • The Columbia City Cinema gets some welcome support.
  • Graham Hill Elementary honored by state as a "School of Distinction".
  • Mikala Woodward offers a colorful sketch of Columbia City's historic love-hate for hard drink.
  • Neighborhood House delivers a seamless program of public health and cultural wealth.

… all in news.

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Citizen posts

  • Use the Columbia Citizens forum to send a Citizen's alert, to propose a new idea, to ask a question, or to start a discussion.
  • Citizens have discussed future neighborhood change — feel free to share what you know, or ask about what you'd like to figure out.
  • A Citizen has posted a desperate plea for the perfect portable pizza.


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New photos in the Citizens' gallery.
Lots of fall colors out there. Citizens, catch them while you can, and then share them here!
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