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Columbia City Farmers (street) Market

Now through the end of October we'll be setting up in the street; every Wednesday from 3-7pm.

We'll have your favorite farmers bring fresh goodies straight from the land, sea and pasture!

This week at the market:

Hope to see you there!

Catherine BurkeCatherine Burke


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free tour - no passport needed

Join your neighbors at the free Graham Business District Guided Tour on Saturday July 17th starting at 10:30am in front of Viet Wah at Empire Plaza.

Julie Pham, Managing Editor of Người Việt Tây Bắc/Northwest Vietnamese News, will lead the tour. Tour highlights include a brief history of the area, amazing stories from immigrant entrepreneurs, and samples. It will be like vacationing abroad without the hassle of having to update your passport!

Please register with Sarah Valenta at 760-4213 or gro.awthgisemoh|haras#gro.awthgisemoh|haras.



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hot entertainment and cool beverages

We've got lots of hot entertainment and cool beverages at the Columbia City Theater and Bourbon Bar.

Wednesday nights are karaoke in the Bourbon Bar, and this Thursday, Mamma Casserole (Michelle Smith from the Comet Tavern and Noise for the Needy) will be spinning records. Friday and Saturday we've got great bands in the theater. Friday — appropriately enough — is Friday Mile's last show; while Curtains for You and Ravenna Woods take the stage on Saturday. Hope to see you!

moc.retaehtyticaibmuloc|sbab#llehctiM arabraB


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looking for 1-2 bd rental

Hi, a friend is looking for a 1-2 bed/1 bath rental in the South End. Columbia City, Hillman City, Seward Park, Beacon Hill is preferred. Short term lease is OK. Mother-in-law or cottage is super great. Condo OK.

She doesn't smoke and doesn't own any pets. She's in her mid 40s and is as responsible as they come. (She's actually a landlord herself but wants to try out the South End before she buys — so help me convince her!)


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massive nonprofit yard sale

Your favorite nonprofit thrift store and neighboring apartments are having a yard sale! Cheap Chickadee, where all sales benefit the senior center, will offer its goods at even lower prices at our yard sale this July 17th, from 10-4. And right next door, residents of the Brighton will share their wares, including crafts.

Come to either parking lot for unbelievable bargains: clothing, household goods, antiques, and all kinds of curiosities! 4645 S. Holly (& Rainier)and 6727 Rainier Ave S. 760-9650. Refreshments for sale too.

gro.secivresroines|hetak#snikraH etaK


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meditation group

I wonder if folks in the community are interested in getting together (at my house initially) to meditate together. I practice Vipassana mindfulness meditation from the Theravadan Buddhist tradition. I've been sitting for 2 1/2 years, have read lots of wonderful books and articles on Buddhist psychology and meditation practice, and go to a weekly class on Cap. Hill Friday mornings.

I'd love to start a small group here in the 'hood with like minded neighbors and friends.

ten.tsacmoc|1tnadam#namtnA sirI


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Rainier Valley Garden Tour 7/17/10

Formerly the Columbia City Garden Tour, this is the second year we are expanding to encompass the diverse gardens of the Rainier Valley — both private and collective.

You can buy tickets at KC's Flowers before the day of the event ($5/person) or at any of the Garden Pods on the tour day.

10am to 5pm



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RV Heritage Parade & Summer Streets Party

Saturday, August 21 from 11am to 3pm

The Rainier Valley Heritage Parade celebrates life in America's most diverse zip code — 98118! Summer Streets Party follows the parade — Rainier Avenue will be open for people to play, walk, bike, shop, dance, relax and eat from S Brandon to S Alaska!

About the event:

  • The parade happens every year (this the 18th year)
  • Summer Streets helps people imagine what life could be like if fewer people drove and more people walk, bike, ride transit and shop locally
  • People can walk, have picnics, practice sports, ride their bikes safely and without the noise of cars

moc.rebmahcreiniar|liam#sivaD nasuS, vog.elttaes|grebnellehcS.nwaD#grebnellehcS nwaD


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Salon Adidez

Are you going out for the New Year? If you are come and have a quick up-do's and a touch of make up to get you ready to murch in 2011

moc.loa|ikanehcsaidwez#ikanehcsA deZ


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Scoopfest 2010: free ice cream & music

Free ice cream and music to support Rainier Valley Food Bank. Bring the whole family to Full Tilt on Sunday, July 25th, from 2-5 (ice cream for the first 300 people). After hours party for adults starts at 7:00 pm at The Bourbon and Columbia City Theater.

gro.bfvr|mas#enrobsO maS


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