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Good, good, good… It's the height of summer, and we're looking forward to music, food and celebration.


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Columbia City Farmers Market

Fishing vessel St. Jude tuna returns for the season!
Welcome Back…

  • Martin Family Orchards with cherries
  • and McPhail Berry Farm with strawberries
  • Check out the new neighborhood clearinghouse that sets up in the market… about half way down on your left.

Music: MOZO
Kids Tent: Panda Chinese Family Daycare

See you at the market!

Catherine BurkeCatherine Burke


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debate for beginners workshop

A hands-on workshop for opinionated people! Improve your skills as a social advocate and work out your public speaking jitters in a friendly environment with experienced coaches.

Public Speaking Workshop for Opinionated People!

Want to improve your speaking and listening skills as a social advocate? Feel nervous talking about controversial subjects in front of people you know, or don't know? Come work out your public speaking jitters with hands-on practice in a friendly environment.

Saturday, July 9, 11am - 4pm
New Freeway Hall
5018 Rainier Ave S

moc.liamg|eciffopsfnivek#hctaH niveK


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Evening Jazz Intensive

Monday July 18th through Friday July 22nd — 6 to 9pm

Open to all ages, instruments, and levels. One full week of small jazz ensemble playing and jazz studies, customized for participants.

Past musicians affectionately called this "jazz boot camp", but really fun! Come hear the difference a week can make.

moc.loohcsthginzzaj|kire#nosnaH kirE


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FSP meeting: eyewitness report

Amalgamated Transit Union representative Linda Averill will report back from a national conference held June 24-26 at Kent State, Ohio, to plan a coordinated response to the devastating budget crisis.

Sunday, July 10, 2pm — free. Brunch served at 1pm for a $7 donation.

Everyone is welcome to attend. The event will be held at New Freeway Hall, 5018 Rainier Ave S, south of S Hudson St.

For information call 722-2453, email moc.gnirpsdnim|elttaesPSF#moc.gnirpsdnim|elttaesPSF, or visit facebook.com/FSPseattle.

moc.liamg|eciffopsfnivek#hctaH niveK


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Seward Park Centennial Festival

The Seward Park Centennial Festival is coming up in a mere two weeks on July 16-17. Historic hydroplanes, classic cars (including one 100 years old!), a garden and history tour, vintage fashions, a promenade, food, live music, clay art, and a pie-eating contest will all be featured, along with Seward Park memoribilia.

Here's a complete schedule

gro.crchf|treblatp#treblaT luaP


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Seward Park Centennial garden and history tour

For Seward Park's Centennial, the Friends of Seward Park presents a garden and history tour on Sunday, July 17, 2011 from 1 to 4pm. This self-guided tour includes private and public gardens and sites of historic interest in Hillman and Columbia City.

Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 on the day of the tour and may be purchased on the Centennial web site. All proceeds will help to support the rest of Seward Park Centennial events throughout 2011. For tickets and information about Centennial events, please visit SewardParkCentennial.org.

gro.crchf|treblatp#treblaT luaP


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Valley Vibes July concert

Join us this Friday July 8 at 7pm for the second Valley Vibes Concert at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center. Wayne Horvitz's acoustic quartet Sweeter than the Day and the Jazz Night School Ensemble will perform, followed by a reception and conversation with musicians in the lower level.

Sweeter than the Day features pianist and composer Wayne Horvitz with Tim Young on guitar at 8 pm. Jazz Night School's big band ensemble opens the concert at 7pm. Join Wayne and Jazz Night School Director Erik Hanson in a reception after the concert as they discuss Music & Marketing: How to Cultivate a Career. Food & wine available.



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